Class assembly

Our class assembly was lots of fun and it was awesome!
We enjoyed sharing with you all we have learnt this term. Including our plants we have grown from a seed.
Everybody did so well! You all remembered your lines and every word to the very fast song and poem. You all spoke very confidently and clearly. Remembering who you spoke after to make sure it ran smoothly.
We were so impressed with the amount of parents and adults who came to support and watch our class assembly. Thank you to everyone and we hope you enjoyed us sharing with you our amazing learning.

Miss Catling and Mrs Hoole are so proud of each and everyone of you. You all shone like superstars!

Art Expedition

This week we have been practising our class assembly. It is based on our theme ‘Global gardens’. We cannot wait to perform it to you next Wednesday morning. We have been learning all about plants and look forward to sharing this with you.

This Thursday was the Art Expedition. Our art work was inspired by David Shepard and Leonardo Di Vinci’s animal sketches. First we sketched the outline of the animals. Then we painted the animals using water coloured paint. The last stage was to paint the background. We used ready mix paint and sponges to create the textured design.

All of the paintings looked amazing. Well done to everyone!

Burghley sculpture gardens

On Tuesday 21st June Year 1 and 2 at Windmill visited Burghley sculpture gardens. We split up into two groups. One group visited the garden of surprises whilst the other group visited the sculpture gardens, then swapped.

In the garden of surprises it was magical. There was so many different things around each corner. Lots of water and smoke coming from different sculptures and fountains. We has lots of fun exploring.

In the Sculpture gardens there were lots of interesting and fascinating works of art. Some of the sculptures were easy to recognise whilst others look a little more imagination.

Overall we had an amazing day and were so well behaved. You all are truly a credit to our school.

Queens 90th birthday picnic

Last Friday was the Queens 90th Birthday celebration. As a momentum to remember the occasion we were all given a book mark. To celebrate Windmill school had a picnic.   We all bought in some picnic treats and gathered in our classes on the top field. We had so many treats and our bellies were full! It was a lovely day and thank you to the parents who came to join us.

Our theme for this term is ‘Global gardens’ We have all planted different seeds and will observe them over time. We could choose from peas, spinach and cress. The cress has grown so much already! It’s lots of fun being gardeners.

Science with sinking day

Today we had science enquiry day.
We started the morning by thinking of lots of different things which float. We had lots of great ideas.

For our first experiment this morning we all has a ball of blue tack. We investigated changing the shape of the blue tack to make it float on the surface of the water.

Later we investigated into everyday classroom objects. We first predicted if we thought they would float of sink and then carried out our investigation.

We have had lots of fun and lots of fantastic learning! Have a lovely half term everyone.

Library visit

Today we went on a trip to the Raunds library. We explored all what the library had to offer and the thousands of books we can borrow all for free! What an exciting resource right on our fingertips.
Thank you to Mr Anderson for teaching year 2 so fantastically these past two weeks. You’ll be greatly missed.
Have fun at the disco tonight everyone!

Sun sun sun this week!

Polling day was an unusual day for us. We vacated our normal classrooms and the whole of year 1/2 had maths mission in the small hall. We had lots of different exciting activity to complete including: fraction challenge, data challenge, movement and position challenge and calculation challenge. We had a great day and were amazingly focused – so proud of our superstars!

Over the course of the term. We are creating a masterpiece to sell at the Art expedition. We have been practising our skills by sketching a realistic drawing of an elephant. They are looking very life like!

All creatures great and small

Our theme for this term is ‘All creatures great and small’. To kick off our theme we have created animals made from paper mache. To begin with we blew up a balloon and covered it in newspaper by soaking it in glue mix with water. It was very messy but lots of fun. We all showed great team spirit helping each other to make sure our paper mache covered balloons were nice and smooth. We allowed them to dry over night so they became hard and were ready to paint.
On our second WOW day we cut and painted the physical characteristics of our animals. Yesterday we finished painting the whole body and adding all the physical characteristics using different joining techniques. They all look so realistic and amazing. Such talented artists- welldone!

Run for Sport Relief!

Today is Sports relief. We have all raised lots of money for charity by running a sport relief mile. We had to run 11 times around the KS2 playground. We all did fantastically and showed great team spirit whilst running and supporting each other.

We have also been very busy this week finalising our production ready for SHOW TIME!
We have learnt all of our songs and actions this week- Very exciting!